Our EQUIPMENT for PLASMA HARDENING (EPH) allows achieving high economic efficiency at works with metal parts.

We are proposing you essentially new materials and technologies of drawing of covering for working surface of details with the purpose of multiple increase of durability and resistance of tools, stamps, press moulds, equipment and other products. This technology is known as Finishing Plasma Hardening (FPH).

It allows to achieve sufficient increase of durability up to 4-6 times for tools for punching separators and rollers at bearing box manufactures (punches, matrixes, detachable knifes, etc.); increase of durability in 4-6 times for pig-iron forms for glass forming machines; increase in operation time of stamps without repair in 3-5 times; increase of durability in 4-6 times at making cold heading and other tools used at manufacturing of fabricated metal products.
It gives high efficiency of thin-film coverings created by a method of finishing plasma hardening (FPH) for stomatology tools. It also gives multiple increase of resistance of knifes for papers, a cardboard, a leather and other parts and details which should be sharp.

Micro hardness of materials which usually are used at manufacturing of worn out details after process of thermo hardening is about 5 hPa, after nitriding - up to 8 hPa, after chromium plating - up to 11 hPa, after drawing nitride of titan - up to 24 hPa. Micro hardness of a diamond is about 72 hPa, but micro hardness of strengthening nanofilms made during finishing plasma hardening reaches about   52 hPа.

The metal surface before the treatment FPH
After treatment FPH