Пример нанесенного покрытия: радужно-интерферинционные цвета на поверхности изделия.
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We offer for your consideration essentially new material and technology of drawing of special covering on working surfaces of details with the purpose of multiple (from 2 up to 10 times) increases of durability and stability resistance of tools, stamps, compression moulds, equipment and other products. This technology is Finishing Plasma Hardening (FPH).
It is ecologically clean method of drawing at atmospheric pressure of a diamond like thin-film covering. The given process is used as final finishing operation. The basic advantages of FPH technology are:
Heating of products at processing does not exceed 100оС, that allows strengthening steel with low temperature of temper and does not lead to deformation of details;
The increase in micro hardness of a surface after FPH provides the increased resistibility to deterioration;
Reduction of factor of friction of a covering in conditions of sliding on constructional steels more than 2 times promotes suppression of processes of formation of erosion scabs at cutting and sticking at punching and pressing;
FPH covering possesses properties of dielectric and prevent of gluing of contacted surfaces, and also is characterized by corrosion resistance and heat resistance;
Carrying out FPH manually or automatically at temperature and pressure of an environment does not demand application of vacuum or other chambers and baths, and also special methods of preparation of a surface;
The sizes of products subjected to FPH are not limited. Efficiency of FPH products is defined by increase of their working capacity, reduction of their necessary amount for the set production program, economy of tool steel, reduction of volume of tool-grinding operations, reduction of time and the means connected with adjustment of presses and metal cutting machine tools, an opportunity of an intensification of operating modes.
The covering has following properties:
Hardness 52 hPa (in most cases hardness of a basis of the tool makes the order 8-14 hPa);
Low factor of friction (at tests for friction and deterioration with a counter body from material ШХ15 the factor of friction makes 0,07, under the same conditions without a covering the factor of friction is equal of 0,15);
The covering reduces parameter of a roughness of surface Ra (depending on an initial roughness) more than 2 times;
Preservation of hardness and appearance at the increased temperatures up to 1000 ˚С;
Absence of interaction with any substances (except for a fluoric acid) due to chemical inertness. 

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